Making traditional Christmas cards with AI

Tim Wells
3 min readNov 1, 2022

Christmas cards don’t seem to be that common anymore, not here least ways, but I have fond memories of receiving cards with festive artwork from family and friends.

I’m sure you can probably still get them these days, but most of the cards I see are more modern than the ones I’m picturing.

But what if we could make our own custom Christmas cards to hand out to people or to post to family we can’t see when it comes to Christmas day… and we could do it an a more traditional art style, but using modern technology.

Christmas “artwork” generated using stable diffusion

I started to experiment using stable diffusion to create Christmas themed artwork. The sorts of things I remember seeing on old school cards we used to hang up in the house at Christmas.

As is typical with this AI art stuff, the results were mixed. However, in among the weird and wacky things it came up with, were a few that, while not quite right, weren’t too far off either. They could certainly be suitable to have printed on cards that you could send to people this holidays.

Allow me to share some of the results.

This was one of the better ones. Still not perfect, but with a little TLC could work alright.



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