I took my camera for a walk

Tim Wells
2 min readJun 28, 2023


I took my camera for a walk today. I’ve been walking recently through a section of forest where it’s common to see typical Australian wildlife. So today I thought I’d bring the camera along and would for sure return with some photos of, perhaps, a kookaburra or kangaroo.

What I didn’t count factor in, was that it’s now school holidays where I am and so young people are running amok. On this particular day they were riding noisy dirt bikes through my nice peaceful stretch of forest and as such, no wildlife.

So, as I was walking, disappointed with the lack of subjects to photograph (and complaining like an old man does about young whippersnappers on his perfect lawn), I realised that I didn’t actually have to go back with nothing. So I kept an eye out as I continued to walk.

Part of the track I was walking along and a close up of some moss on a fallen log. photos by author

Nearing the end of the track I noticed, off to the side in the forest, some old parts of a vehicle of some sort.

Rusty ruins with labels still well in tact. photos by author

I’m not sure of the make of this vehicle and plenty of the surrounding wreckage had been buried under years of fallen leaves and forest growth. I don’t know how old it is, but I was rather impressed that while the metal had rusted and most of it was being reclaimed by nature… the labels on these sections were still well in tact.

I almost didn’t shoot anything on my walk today because I was focused on one subject that I’d intended to go there and shoot. I almost left the camera in the bag and just enjoyed the walk as I would normally without the camera.

But if you slow down and take a look around, you’re sure to find something to photograph no matter where you are. Even if you’ve been there a hundred times before.



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