I gave up on photography

Tim Wells
3 min readJul 2, 2022

A while ago I gave up on photography.

It wasn’t really something I intended to do and at the time, if I’d realized that putting that camera into a bag and into the cupboard would mean it would spend a year there, untouched, perhaps I would have done something different.

A lot of things lead to the that moment. Most of it was personal issues. I’m an introvert, but despite that I’d tried to start and run a photography business that was dedicated to photographing people. I know right. In hindsight, it’s probably not the most clever thing I could have tried to do. It failed. It wasn’t because I couldn’t take the photos. I’d taken some great photos that I and the clients were happy with. I wasn’t really happy with doing it and because of that I struggled to find new clients and so on and so forth. I was upset, but I let it go for my own mental health.

I figured I go back to taking photos I wanted to take and forget about making a business of it. I struggled with this as well. Perhaps because of the business issues but I struggled with confidence and with finding locations. I couldn’t bring myself to work with models because I was scared of messing up and not being able to produce quality photos. I couldn’t justify spending money hiring models for the same reasons.

Days between taking photos turned into weeks and weeks to months and before I knew it, it had been nearly a year since I’d even picked up the camera.

Somewhere along the line I had silently and without really considering it properly, just given up and moved on. I guess I got lost in my day job and the comings and goings of life in general.

Until last weekend.

The milky way from Byron Bay, QLD, Australia. Photo by me.

My family and I went away for a short little getaway last weekend. My wife encouraged me to get the camera out and charge the batteries and bring it along. She told me it was the perfect time to be able to take some photos and she wanted some updated photos of the kids and the family.

So I got the camera out and charged the batteries and looked over my gear. It brought back memories and feelings and I reluctantly packed it in the car for the trip.

Not sleeping well has always been a thing for me and the first night away I was awake at two in the morning, struggling to…

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