Have you ever tried taking a close up photo of a beautiful flower using a telephoto lens and realized after focusing that most of the flower is still blurry due to depth of field?

It’s a challenge because you often need a wide open aperture in order to let enough light in to get the shot without too much noise but doing so also means a very shallow depth of field when what you really want is a large depth of field.

This doesn’t only apply to close up photos of flowers and such either. This technique can also be…

Ever wished you could copy multiple things to the clipboard and then choose which one to paste? I have but find myself pasting one then copying the other and pasting it.

Well today we have a Windows 10 tip that allows you to select from items in your clipboard to paste. This means you can copy a number of things and choose which one to paste where. One thing to keep in mind is that this seems to only work with text and not for files and other such things.

Open your settings app.

Click on the System settings category.

Darktable is an excellent free and open source software tool for processing RAW photos. It can be used to edit non-raw photos as well but it is designed as a RAW photo processor and so some functionality may be disabled if editing non-raw images.

Here I will look at the basic steps I take when processing a RAW file using Darktable.

Raw image from https://www.signatureedits.com/free-raw-photos/

Here is the RAW image as it appears in darktable without any modifications made. As you can see it’s a little dull as is usually the case with raw images.

If you’ve ever taken a shot in RAW, then…

All to often you will see someone online saying how “you should be shooting in manual” or “you’re not a real photographer unless you shoot manual”. It seems to be “advice” that is often repeated despite the fact that it’s unhelpful for newer photographers and not true for all photographic situations.

My advice is to consider what you’re shooting and choose the best mode for that situation.

Although it could have (and maybe should have) been shot in manual this wasn’t. I was in the middle of a long drive and pulled over on the hillside here, rolled down the window, grabbed the camera and shot a couple of frames. The camera was in P mode I think with a wide angle lens. (This was using a D7100 and an 18–55mm kit lens). Some post processing from the RAW in lightroom and this was the end result.

Camera makers have spent billions of dollars in research and development to get to where modern cameras are today and while they aren’t perfect in every situation, often the cameras metering and semi-auto…

As photographers, especially while you’re learning to be a photographer it’s not that common that when framing up an image to take a shot, you find yourself thinking about colours. Even later on when you download the images from the camera to your pc to do some post processing, it’s not the first thing that goes through your head.

However, it’s one of those often overlooked things that can have a huge impact on how the viewer perceives your image and the story your photograph tells. Colour theory is a topic that looks at how colours impact your photos and…

You could argue that in days past the pursuit of photography was about documenting what we see, capturing a moment as it happened to look back on later. You could argue there was a time when if you were to look at a photograph, you could trust that more or less that was an accurate representation of the scene at the time it was captured.

More and more it seems these days when I look at photographs I find myself wondering what it was actually like and how much of that photograph is reality and how much is artwork. I…

I’ve been a fan of the Linux operating system from the moment I first tried it many years ago after being handed a disc containing a early build of Slackware.

I’ve used many different distros over the years and seen it grow from the console only thing I first started with to a clunky user interface and ultimately to where it is today with for the most part very slick user interfaces and good hardware support.

One distro I keep coming back to over time is Fedora. It started as Fedora Core and changed at some point to just be…

When it comes to photo processing, I think everyone would be familiar with software called Lightroom. This Adobe software is considered by many to be the best RAW photo processing software and with good reason. It’s very powerful while being easy to use. But… that comes at a cost.

Don’t get me wrong, for professional photographers the cost is well worth it for the tools you get. However, what if you’re not a professional yet, or you just prefer something that doesn’t operate on a subscription cost basis.

There are a few decent freely available RAW photo editing applications and…

GIMP is one of the best known open source software applications and is often called the open source equivalent of Photoshop. While it does lack some of Photoshop’s more advanced features it is, despite the name, a very powerful image editing tool.

Screenshot of the GIMP application

When creating a new image or scaling an image (or anywhere else you might want to enter in an image or layer size) GIMP has the ability to use input field math.

This means, when asked for the size you can enter in a math expression and it will evaluate it.

Sometimes the easiest way to improve the composition of a photo is to simplify the content that is shown in the photo. When framing up to take a photo it’s normal to focus on your subject and take the shot. To simplify a composition we need to take a few moments to look at what is around the subject in the frame. Does it need to be there? Is it contributing to the story you want this photo to tell?

Sometimes it can be a simple as taking a step to the side or getting a little closer. Sometimes it’s…

Tim Wells

Self taught software developer and photographer.

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