As photographers, especially while you’re learning to be a photographer it’s not that common that when framing up an image to take a shot, you find yourself thinking about colours. Even later on when you download the images from the camera to your pc to do some post processing, it’s not the first thing that goes through your head.

However, it’s one of those often overlooked things that can have a huge impact on how the viewer perceives your image and the story your photograph tells. Colour theory is a topic that looks at how colours impact your photos and…

You could argue that in days past the pursuit of photography was about documenting what we see, capturing a moment as it happened to look back on later. You could argue there was a time when if you were to look at a photograph, you could trust that more or less that was an accurate representation of the scene at the time it was captured.

More and more it seems these days when I look at photographs I find myself wondering what it was actually like and how much of that photograph is reality and how much is artwork. I…

I’ve been a fan of the Linux operating system from the moment I first tried it many years ago after being handed a disc containing a early build of Slackware.

I’ve used many different distros over the years and seen it grow from the console only thing I first started with to a clunky user interface and ultimately to where it is today with for the most part very slick user interfaces and good hardware support.

One distro I keep coming back to over time is Fedora. It started as Fedora Core and changed at some point to just be…

When it comes to photo processing, I think everyone would be familiar with software called Lightroom. This Adobe software is considered by many to be the best RAW photo processing software and with good reason. It’s very powerful while being easy to use. But… that comes at a cost.

Don’t get me wrong, for professional photographers the cost is well worth it for the tools you get. However, what if you’re not a professional yet, or you just prefer something that doesn’t operate on a subscription cost basis.

There are a few decent freely available RAW photo editing applications and…

GIMP is one of the best known open source software applications and is often called the open source equivalent of Photoshop. While it does lack some of Photoshop’s more advanced features it is, despite the name, a very powerful image editing tool.

Screenshot of the GIMP application

When creating a new image or scaling an image (or anywhere else you might want to enter in an image or layer size) GIMP has the ability to use input field math.

This means, when asked for the size you can enter in a math expression and it will evaluate it.

Sometimes the easiest way to improve the composition of a photo is to simplify the content that is shown in the photo. When framing up to take a photo it’s normal to focus on your subject and take the shot. To simplify a composition we need to take a few moments to look at what is around the subject in the frame. Does it need to be there? Is it contributing to the story you want this photo to tell?

Sometimes it can be a simple as taking a step to the side or getting a little closer. Sometimes it’s…

If like me, you work on the computer and often use a headset to make calls, but in between calls you don’t want to wear the headset but it would be great to listen to music. The problem is, you start up Spotify and play your playlist and the sound is still coming through the headset. It doesn’t have to though. There is a way to tell Windows 10 which sound device to use for which application.

With the application running, right click on the sound icon in the system tray and select Open Sound Settings.

Within the sound settings…

When building web applications, it’s often quite useful to be able to have custom attributes on HTML tags. Custom attributes can be added to any HTML tag but there is a correct way to handle it and still maintain valid HTML. Doing this the correct way also makes it quite easy to make use of those custom attributes in Javascript code.

Photo by Christopher Robin Ebbinghaus on Unsplash

Let’s say you have a list of items and you want to only show a simple name in the visible list, yet you want to be able to reference an additional ID number or some other related information when…

Let’s look at one method to create a great looking and deadly simple to build image gallery for a website using some simple HTML and CSS.

An example of the type of image gallery we will create

For this example we will create a full width image gallery that will fit in the images of different aspect ratios. It will also responsively resize to suit smaller devices making it mobile friendly.

If you frequent photography groups on social media you’ve no doubt seen posts about grainy photos with high ISO and the comments that follow about how using Auto ISO is wrong!

After all, you’re not a real photographer unless you always shoot in manual mode only… right?

Well I have a secret… I often shoot without using manual, and often I am using the (seemingly) much despised auto ISO feature. Does that make me evil? Does it mean I’m not actually a photographer?

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

First of all, let’s have a look at what ISO is.

Back in film days, you could…

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